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All website content, including text, graphics, images, drawings, designs, icons, and other materials, commonly referred to as “Our Website Contents,” are the property of “The Legacy Printing” and third-party sources. Without our permission, you cannot copy, alter, store, republish, transmit, or distribute the contents of this website elsewhere.

The Legacy Printing reserves the copyright for the design of all printed items. Therefore, we have no intention of disclosing templates to third parties or selling them.

Return and Refund Policy

Because of the personalized nature of our printing goods and other services, you must notify us within 2-3 business days after receiving the order if the delivered product is damaged or does not meet your order specifications.

We won’t refund or give you back the credit. But in the case of an error or defect, we will be bound to reprint your original order. Our management decides on whether or not there is a flaw.

You need to provide images as proof to explain the defective product or return. Only, in that case, we’ll reprint your original order. However, you need to provide the images within 7 working days after receiving the order.

Payment, Order Placement, and Cancellations

Our products and services are customizable. So, we can only initiate work on printing when full payment, inclusive of all taxes, shipping, and handling charges, is paid through the credit card or via a verified payment method.

We require our website customers to accept proof (whether an electronic file or hard copy) of the printing products or other services they buy as part of the order placement process. The printing jobs are sent to the press when the customers approve the proof.

We don’t make any amendments to the artwork files or printing duration once the print job is approved and verified by the customer. However, you can cancel the order within 4 hours after confirming proof.

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