Advantages Of Using Custom Tray & Sleeve Packaging


User experience is a fundamental aspect that retail businesses cannot ignore. After the product manufacturing phase, the next crucial step is to ensure that customers get total value for money and receive a premium product in perfect condition. If the products are fancy, the responsibility that lies on their shoulders is even higher. Making it more tempting and enticing is necessary to gain market traction.

Therefore, businesses use sleeve packaging with a custom tray to create a slide-to-view experience. People can effortlessly store the items inside them without any hassle. One essential aspect that makes these boxes unique is their various features. For example, they can incorporate food, cosmetics, gifts, candles, art pieces, etc.

These new boxes comprise a robust, double-layer, sturdy, long-lasting material. They have numerous applications in practically every aspect of our everyday lives. They are used to display fresh and fashionable clothing. When packaged, the appearance of this packaging is crucial in attracting customers to come in and take a closer look. Food packing bag, such as bakery and raw foods, is another application. They’re made to keep food items fresh for an extended time.

The sleeve boxes are a combination of trays and sleeves. The tray comprises four panels: a downward panel and four adjacent panels. Four closing flaps link them together in the middle. The dual panels on the wide include two closing side panels. They inwardly spin and eventually cling to the panel.

This attribute makes them suitable for heavy-duty applications. In the same way, the sleeve is a four-paneled box tube. One is a front panel, the other is a side panel, and the bottom is a back panel. It glides effortlessly and provides a sliding experience in the box, giving buyers a sense of luxury rare in other packaging box types.

The boxes with a custom tray are premium and particularly attractive for fragrances, watches, confectionaries, jewelry, and skincare kits. Brands prefer to use them because of their cost-effectiveness and ability to serve business needs without costing much. 14-22pt paper and eco friendly kraft packaging are often ideal for everyday items. They are less expensive, biodegradable, and offer the best printing medium.

The rigid and cardboard sleeve boxes, on the other hand, provide a top-of-the-line packaging feel and vibe. They are opulent and have the durability to keep delicate items secure for a more extended time. Due to their greater thickness, these packing materials can endure pressure and keep the enclosed thing safe.

Mesmerizing Features of Sleeve Boxes

  • Aids in Product Display

Every company wants its product range to appear extraordinary and stand out. The sleeve boxes allow you to express yourself via your creativity and ideas, which you can materialize to create a pleasing experience for the target audience. Sleeve packaging is available in a range of unique and appealing forms and designs, with the option of adding a die-cut window to distinguish the product further. Upon sliding the custom tray, we can view the full item that appears more captivating.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Cardboard or Kraft paper is frequently used to make sleeve encasing. These can be recycled, protecting the products from pollutants while alerting purchasers to the potentially hazardous packaging. Customers become loyal to businesses that care about the materials used in packaging because they believe that companies that care about the materials used in packaging provide outstanding quality products and care for the customers’ needs.

  • Storage 

The sleeve packaging that includes a custom tray is also a feasible option for storing the items for a long. The tray covers and slides the box providing more protection and security to the packed items. Whether a product is ordinary or a luxury, it remains safe inside, and even after taking it out of the box, its original condition remains unchanged. The sleeves are of great use if your business objective is to offer rigid packaging for cosmetics.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

These boxes are widely popular because of their low cost. The sleeve packaging is made of recyclable paper, and less is spent on manufacturing. So you need to get the custom tray for the boxes and customize it with your brand elements. The enterprises also opt for wholesale because it helps them get bulk packaging boxes in one go.

  • Marketing and Promotion of Product

Because many businesses use sliding boxes, you’ll need to make a high-quality box with an excellent finish. More people will know your high-quality packing services if you put more flare and beauty into your packaging. Customers will recognize your brand if you place a logo on your boxes. Be creative and unique in your box finishing if you want to bring attention to your services and business. Creating eye-catching displays for your products will help you add creativity and elegance to your packing.

Styling of Sleeve Boxes

How a packaging box is styled says a lot about the worth of products. People love to purchase items that are neatly packed and, at the same, look more glamorous. You can follow some helpful tips to design the box and make the packed thing look fascinating.

  • Imprint the brand logo and slogan on the packaging box. People are already familiar with the company tagline after seeing advertisements. So it becomes easier for them to identify and select the product in a retail store.
  • Always magnify the box logo because it captures the audience’s interest and triggers the purchase intent. Get it embossed and create a remarkable raised effect that will likely appeal to shoppers’ touch sensation.
  • Ensure you laminate the packaging box accordingly and apply suitable finishing options like Spot UV, Gloss, or Matte. These can add a layer of shine and sparkle to the custom tray of sleeve encasing.
  • You can also go for the hot foil stamping option and engrave any design or visualization on the box. It’s essential to conduct A/B testing and keep improvising to check which design the customers like on the packaging box.
  • If you use the sleeves to enclose the gifts, apply the relevant event theme on the boxes so customers can associate more with the brands. We can also adore the sleeve boxes with colorful ribbons and other decoration elements.

By following these guidelines, you can style the sleeve packaging uniquely and make your products more appealing on the outside.

Finding the Right Packaging Provider in the USA?

Seek help and acquire custom packaging services from one of the leading packaging companies in the USA, The Legacy Printing. Get your boxes customized in any shape, color, size, or design at affordable prices. Receive a price quote by mentioning information in a simple form on their website.

You don’t have to pay any die-making charges and can order a minimum of 100 boxes with offset printing. Businesses can also place wholesale orders and get a special discount. The shipping is free across the USA, and within 10-12 working days, the team delivers orders to your doorstep.

Expert designers working for the firm guide you on styling, and you can enjoy a free design support service.

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