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    5 star service from the friendly and responsive communication to accommodating our needs, to the final product which came out beautifully and so professional. Thank you Jason for all your help and excellent service! We really appreciate it.

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    The custom printed corrugated boxes turned out great. Not to mention, Brian was highly instrumental throughout the process. Their staff is thoroughly trained and they know their job. My vote is for the legacy printing!

    Joshua Jordan
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    Custom Bottle Boxes Wholesale

    Custom bottle boxes wholesale are one of the most commonly used packaging boxes. These boxes turn out to be useful if the bottles need to be shipped or moved. The boxes are robust enough to protect the bottles and come at very affordable rates. So far, the bottle packaging boxes have appeared to be useful in so many ways. Below are a few advantages of using custom bottle boxes wholesale.

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    Multiple Layers of Cardboard Boxes Ensure Protection

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    Cardboard is known as one of the sturdiest materials for manufacturing boxes. The best part of cardboard is its multiple layers. These multiple layers act as a cushion to protect the bottles from breaking. The boxes are also well built to handle sudden jolts and nudges.

    Inexpensive bottle packaging boxes

    The cardboard bottle boxes are commonly manufactured from recycled material. This not only makes these boxes affordable but also eco-friendly. The cardboard boxes are cheap to buy and can cost even less if these are purchased from wholesale.

    Boxes are easy to seal

    The cardboard boxes are relatively easy to seal. There are multiple ways to close a cardboard box. Once the boxes are filled with bottles, you can safely enclose them by attaching the upper flaps with glue or tape. Another way of sealing the box is through metal staples. The outer layer of the box is thick enough and cannot be torn down easily, even if someone accidentally drops the box.

    Cardboard material is flexible

    Instead of making large cardboard bottle boxes, you can also order small cardboard boxes that can be easily wrapped around the fragile items or glass bottles. Therefore, instead of going for large, heavy, and rigid boxes, you can order practical, space-saving, and easy to handle boxes.

    Ordering cardboard bottle boxes

    If you are planning to order bottle boxes, then here are some things that you must consider before placing an order.

    Cardboard thickness – The cardboard stock options are available in various thicknesses and sizes. You must analyze how much thickness of the cardboard box will be appropriate and adequate to keep the bottle secured from breaking. This depends solely upon the buyers’ judgment. For instance, if your bottles are fragile, then thicker corrugation is better.

    Required number of boxes – You must have an estimate of the number of boxes that are needed to pack the bottles. Make sure to order a few extra boxes. The additional boxes will be your backup to deal with any shortages.

    The Legacy Printing is a well-reputed, experienced packaging and printing companies in the USA. Just remember whenever you plan to buy cardboard boxes; always take note of the durability, strength, thickness, and weight limit of the boxes. In case of customization, you must ensure that you have communicated all of your packaging and printing requirements clearly to avoid any inconvenience later.

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