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The Offset Printing Process – Different Types and Their Major Uses

Offset Printing

Printing on various retail products and packaging boxes is a must requirement for all brands. The attractive designs and symbols printed on the surface can attract the attention and interest of potential buyers. Nowadays, brands go for custom printing because it offers more variety, and they can try out which design suits best and fulfills […]

What’s A Dieline? – How We Can Use it in Custom Packaging and Printing

dieline - the legacy printing

What Is a Dieline? Dieline is similar to a template that gives the printer know-how of the exact dimensions and packaging size we want for our business. Its role is pivotal in the printing industry because it ensures that the final layout of the packaging box is perfect from every aspect. The dieline is a diagram […]

Essential Facts Highlighting Importance of Kraft Paper in Packaging Industry

Essential Facts Highlighting Importance of Kraft Paper in Packaging Industry

What is Kraft Paper Kraft paper is a material used in the packaging of various items. You can apply it in the manufacturing of encasing that can enclose light bakery goods or even industrial products. Businesses openly rely on Kraft material because of increased durability, efficiency and elasticity. The paper sheet is created from virgin […]

The Product Packaging Guide You Need to Read

Product Packaging

Custom packaging is more than just a pretty container. A perfect packaging solution can turn ordinary buyers into raving fans. To put it into perspective, premium packaging can be the difference between tossing the product into the cart and leaving it on the shelf. Though it’s hard to believe, creating effectual custom packaging is easier […]

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