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What Is PMS Color – Important Tips for Using the Pantone Color Chart

What Is PMS Color – Important Tips for Using the Pantone Color Chart

PMS is a standardized color system that helps us choose the appropriate shade for our product logo or the printing purpose. Have you ever wondered how it is possible to pick the most suitable color combination with great precision and accuracy? How do the printing experts properly understand the exact color they should apply? The […]

Embossed vs Debossed: Role in The Custom Printing

Embossed vs Debossed

Embossed vs Debossed Printing on the product or its packaging matters for the businesses as they can make their items look tempting and captivate the attention and interest of potential buyers. Credibility matters a lot in retail businesses as the market is huge. There’s extensive competition with multiple brands in one category vying for the […]

Stylish Apparel Boxes are the Garments Retail Essential

apparel boxes

The sale and market worth of the garments depends largely upon their packaging. As the dust, dirt, smoke, chemical, humidity or other environmental pollutants are the worst enemy of the fabric and garments, if even the best type of the garments are packed in inferior and rough packing, the same will inversely impact the worth […]

Cardboard is the Ideal Stock for Custom Lotion Boxes

lotion boxes printing

Lotion boxes is a very delicate cosmetic product which needs to be protected from the scorching heats of the summers. Being the semi-liquid product, with a relatively heavier weight, lotions need to be packed and sold in such boxes which are prone to the shock proof. As cardboard has both these characteristics, that is, a […]