FAQs About Custom Boxes

How Do We Provide The Right Size Packaging Boxes?

We take the fitting of the product very seriously. Therefore we always ask for the exact dimensions of your product when designing a box for it. Then we send a sample box to you that you can use to test out the product’s fitting. Once you are sure that the product fits the box perfectly, we move on to the mass production process.

Can Much Printing Can We Add To A Packaging Box?

At Legacy Printing, we give our users an option to go with something as minimalistic as a simple logo to an entirely printed box with layers of colors and graphics printed on it. So you can choose to print a specific area or the complete box depending upon your product packaging needs.

What Type Of Custom Packaging Should You Use?

The type of custom packaging you should use depends entirely upon the nature of your product and your budget. For example, if you sell luxury products, you must choose high-end materials and a multilayered packaging design. Packaging for luxury products is also going to be more expensive. On the other hand, simpler packaging for everyday products can use simpler materials and therefore doesn’t cost as much.

In What Condition Is Packaging Delivered?

Boxes arrive in a folded state to your location, and our team will explain how you can assemble the boxes before you can start packaging your products in them.

Does It Take Long To Package Folded Boxes?

The time taken to unfold boxes depends upon the box’s design. However, it takes no more than a few steps to unfold a box.

Are There Limits To Color Choice For Boxes?

We can create any color for your packaging box, including unique raised printing that appears golden or silver in color. So there is no limitation on the colors choices you can go with when customizing your product boxes.

Do We Have Boxes In Stock?

We create custom boxes based on the product dimensions and specifications. So we don’t keep pre-made packaging in our inventory since each product is unique.

Is There A Minimum Quantity Of Boxes That We Can Order?

No, we don’t have a minimum quantity limit, and you can order as few or as many boxes as your want.

Do You Have Samples For Box Designs?

We have various box designs from each category available as samples on our website. You can browse the different categories, and you should find something to get inspired by.

Do You Ship All Over The Us?

Yes, we ship within the continental US, and if you want to confirm if we ship to your location, please get in touch with our support team.

There have been numerous advancements in the product packaging industry, and companies go to great lengths to make sure their product’s packaging is something customers talk about. Custom packaging boxes are one way to get customers and the media talking about your product. You will not see a modern product succeed without customized packaging because it holds a very important place for customers. Custom printed boxes can motivate the customers to make the buying decision. Not to mention it keeps the customers coming back by making your brand more recognizable. If you put two blank boxes that look identical to one another, it is hard to tell which one contains what. The same goes for the retail industry, as hundreds of products are placed side-by-side at stores. Unless your product is identifiable, it will be difficult for customers to tell your product apart from the competitors.

That is why at Legacy Printing, the experts walk you through every step of how to make a custom folding boxes and guide you every step of the way. So at the end of the day, you get unique packaging that matches perfectly with your product. Whether you need product custom boxes and packaging for the retail industry or e-commerce, you can always count on us to create high-quality custom boxes with logo that go a long way to fulfill all your packaging needs. There is nothing more refreshing for customers is to find a product that meets their needs while looking and feeling great. Getting everything right when designing your product’s packaging can save you a lot of time and money, and since we believe in perfection, you can save a lot of time and money by getting your custom made boxes with logo by us.

We don’t just focus on quality, styling, and production speed; our staff is always on top of customers’ queries. So whenever you need any help, be it during the production process, designing or customizing your packaging, or the delivery of your product, you can always rely on our staff to provide support every step of the way. Creating custom window boxes is an art, and since no two products are designed exactly the same, their packaging should also be designed around the product itself. Our designers take the fitting very seriously; therefore, you can take your time testing your custom product packaging by actually packaging your product. Once you are satisfied with the fittings and the overall quality and design of the product packaging, we will proceed to the next step of mass custom made box.


Unlimited Custom Box Designs

There is no limitation on the style, size, shape, or designs that you can pick for your custom boxes when working with us. Our designers have tons of samples to choose from, so you won’t find it challenging to get inspired by our catalog. Even if you want to get directly involved in the packaging design process and provide custom templates for your box, you can work with our team to bring your template into a tangible box and custom folding boxes. Keeping in view the high levels of competition in almost every industry, it is essential to have the freedom to choose any design for your product’s packaging. If you are working with a less reputed small box company, you may not get as many customization options as you want.

However, at Legacy Printing, you can rest assured that whatever design you might have in your mind for you’re the custom boxes, you can turn it into a reality in no time. We have the resources and the technology required to produce customized boxes and custom packaging boxes under one roof.


Get Durable Packaging Materials At An Affordable Price

Packaging is only as strong as the material it is made up of. At legacy printing, we only use the best and most durable materials when designing your product’s packaging. Whether you need lightweight packaging for your product or more heavy-duty packaging that protects your product, you can get it all at Legacy Printing. We offer all kinds of eco-friendly packaging materials as well. Paperboard custom boxes for business and corrugated boxes are among the most popular packaging materials because they are eco-friendly. However, these materials also offer excellent protection to the product to provide a balance between sustainability and durability for your product custom box company.

No matter what packaging material you choose for your packaging boxes, you can always rest assured that you will get the most affordable prices for each material. That is because Legacy Printing always strives to be the most affordable packaging brand in the industry. So we always try to transfer the benefits of low-cost packaging material to our customers. As a result, our packaging prices are unmatched in the industry.

Add Ons Make The Packaging More Customer Friendly

When the exterior of the packaging has been perfected, you can then move on to the box’s interior and add features that make the packaging much more desirable for customers. At the end of the day, the packaging is designed around the customers’ needs and the product’s needs and protection requirements. Some common add ons or inserts that we at Legacy Printing offer for custom product boxes are usually made out of paper, cardboard, and foam. However, you can also choose other materials that can be used for inserts.

The goal of an insert is to keep the product securely in place when it is packaged so that it doesn’t move around as much inside the box.

Similarly, you can choose to add various closing and opening mechanisms such as magnetic lids, friction-based lids, button closing mechanisms, and more. The sky is the limit to add ons and features you can add to your packaging box when working with us. You also have the peace of mind that our inserts will make your product more practical, custom boxes near me, and appeal to your box’s overall design.

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