High-End Custom Boxes for All Types of Products

Order premium quality custom boxes from us and enhance your business value by manifold. The Legacy Printing is among the most trusted and well-renowned custom packaging enterprises in the USA, with years of experience to its credit.

We realize that packaging is an essential need for all businesses. Product manufacturing is not enough. Selling it in the market can be challenging when the competition is sky-high. Therefore, custom boxes come into play and have a massive role in making the product presentation unique. We craft packages with distinctive designs so you can capture the market and influence the mindset of potential buyers.

Getting the people to talk about your brand is a considerable challenge, and it’s only possible through custom product packaging. The way you pack and present items to the end-users says a lot about your brand’s worth. Custom boxes can also be a great marketing tool and allow your enterprise to communicate with potential customers. So it’s essential to make your product boxes stand out. You can ask our packaging experts and get their opinion on what the packaging should ideally look like. They will guide you properly.

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Attractive, Accurate and

Engaging and Spectacular Custom Box Designs

We offer custom boxes in different shapes, sizes and designs. All you need is to share basic requirements with us. Our team will facilitate and help you acquire tailor-made custom boxes. You can ask us to customize the box and apply your business branding.

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Salient Features

Stand Out from the Norm

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Unlimited Design Options

The sky is the limit with the designs you can have implemented.


Large Variety of Materials

Choose from commercial grade and luxury materials to match your product and budget


High Resolution Printing

CMYK or PMS, Offset or Digital? – Quality Guaranteed Regardless


State-of-the-Art Printing Tech

Faster order deliveries and better quality through Implementation of High-Tech Processes.

Custom Die Cut

Wholesale Custom Boxes

You can place wholesale orders for custom boxes and get them in bulk from us. One of the significant challenges in the retail industry is to meet the higher product demand. People regularly buy items for their consumption. Therefore, the retail manufacturers must acquire personalized boxes in large quantities. Placing orders repeatedly is time-consuming and also a hectic practice. The Legacy Printing offers a wholesale purchase option to obtain the boxes in one go instead of placing the order whenever the stock depletes.

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Environment-Friendly Custom Packaging Boxes

Quality raw materials make up all of the packaging boxes that we manufacture. Before the production process, the QA team inspects the quality of materials and cardstock. Our staff also reviews the packaging boxes at the assembly line. We only ship perfect custom boxes to our clients. All ingredients that we use in the manufacturing of packaging boxes are sustainable.

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Quality Custom Packaging– Designed to Your Perfection – Delivered in Days

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The Legacy Printing

Legacy Printing, ensures complete perfection for your customized packaging and printing needs!


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    What Our Clients Say About Us!


    After a few years working with another company we decided to switch to The Legacy Printing, results, best decision ever. Jason was very responsive, excellent customer service, quality 100%, all pros. Best decision ever Thank you Jason

    Mariele Bode

    5 star service from the friendly and responsive communication to accommodating our needs, to the final product which came out beautifully and so professional. Thank you Jason for all your help and excellent service! We really appreciate it.

    Eureka Health
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    The custom printed corrugated boxes turned out great. Not to mention, Brian was highly instrumental throughout the process. Their staff is thoroughly trained and they know their job. My vote is for the legacy printing!

    Joshua Jordan
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do We Provide The Right Size Packaging Boxes

    We take the fitting of the product very seriously. Therefore we always ask for the exact dimensions of your product when designing a box for it. Then we send a sample box to you that you can use to test out the product’s fitting. Once you are sure that the product fits the box perfectly, we move on to the mass production process.

    Can Much Printing Can We Add To A Packaging Box?

    At Legacy Printing, we give our users an option to go with something as minimalistic as a simple logo to an entirely printed box with layers of colors and graphics printed on it. So you can choose to print a specific area or the complete box depending upon your product packaging needs.

    What Type Of Custom Packaging Should You Use?

    The type of custom packaging you should use depends entirely upon the nature of your product and your budget. For example, if you sell luxury products, you must choose high-end materials and a multilayered packaging design. Packaging for luxury products is also going to be more expensive. On the other hand, simpler packaging for everyday products can use regular materials and therefore doesn’t cost as much.

    In What Condition Is Packaging Delivered?

    Boxes arrive in a folded state to your location, and our team will explain how you can assemble the boxes before you can start packaging your products in them.

    Does It Take Long To Package Folded Boxes?

    The time taken to unfold boxes depends upon the box’s design. However, it takes no more than a few steps to assemble a box.

    Do We Have Boxes In Stock?

    We create custom boxes based on the product dimensions and specifications. So we don’t keep pre-made packaging in our inventory since each product is unique.

    Are There Limits To Color Choice For Boxes?

    We can create any color for your packaging box, including unique raised printing that appears golden or silver in color. So there is no limitation on the colors choices you can go with when customizing your product boxes.

    Is There A Minimum Quantity Of Boxes That We Can Order?

    No, we don’t have a minimum quantity limit, and you can order as few or as many boxes as your want.

    Do You Have Samples For Box Designs?

    We have various box designs from each category available as samples on our website. You can browse the different types, and you should find something to get inspired by.

    Do You Ship All Over The US?

    Yes, we ship within the continental US, and if you want to confirm if we ship to your location, please get in touch with our support team.