Custom Beauty Packaging Boxes

There is no denying the fact that designing packaging for your beauty brand is one of the most thrilling parts of the development process. Which colors you should choose? What shape and material will best serve your needs? Of course, all these details add a lot to the personality of your brand. However, you must also consider other details that matter to customers before going down that packaging design rabbit hole. For example, of all the details that your customer could see when she first looks at your product, the actual size of your beauty packaging boxes are still what she’ll notice first, followed by the hues of the beauty packaging box. But don’t allow these details to diverge your focus away from the most important issues, which is clarity and readability of the font on your beauty boxes.

The Devil in Beauty Packaging Details

Make sure it’s easy for the customers to read your product and brand name. According to a study, 40% of the women said the most critical aspect of secondary packaging is that the brand name should be easy to read. While 36% said the beauty box should be easy to see on the rack. At The Legacy Printing, we manufacture custom beauty boxes that are bound to grab your target audience’s attention through a beautiful and attractive packaging. Whether you need to package creams, jars, containers, bottles or any other type of dispenser, our professional team can provide you the best solutions all the way from the design phase to the production. We have been doing custom beauty packaging for several years now and got a huge base of repeat customers in the United States. Here’s what we have done for our clients: Cosmetic boxes, cream packaging, lipstick & lip gloss packaging, perfume and cologne packaging, eye shadows & mascara packaging, lotion packages, cosmetic sleeve, cosmetic pop displays, nail product packaging, hair product packaging, and more.

Key Benefits of Our Beauty Packaging Box

We provide brands and businesses with a variety of packaging solutions that are designed to meet their unique specifications and product. Our custom printed beauty boxes are of the highest quality and our pricing is also extremely competitive since we do not charge you for handling and shipping. Our competition envies our production speed. The design and development process is so fast that we offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Thanks to our state-of-the-art in-house facility and expert staff, we can even cater to the unique design and development requests in different materials.