Wine Packaging Boxes

Whether you’ve grabbed it from a display near the cash counter or purchased it from an auction to celebrate a special, every wine needs protection from oxygen. Thankfully wine packaging boxes keep it safe for long. While it doesn’t stir the kind of emotions that the drink inside may, a high percentage of wine aficionados are quite opinionated about how it is packaged. The packaging of a wine is usually a glass bottle in most countries, though nearly any type of packaging can be used to contain it. From cans to pouches, plastic bottles, tetra packs, and bag-in-box containers, you can keep most wines safe in all of them. The reason being most wines are made to be consumed within a year or two. This makes a can or bag the perfect packaging for younger wines. Of course, the packaging options are changing for wine, but gradually.

Most Affordable Wine Packaging Boxes

While glass bottles still lead the way in wine packaging, you’ll be surprised to know there is an appreciable regional variability when it comes to packaging preferences. Though the US is slightly slow to accept the new packaging mix, the country is steadily coming around to the idea of packing wine in a box. In fact, the demand for alternate wine packaging boxes is gradually increasing in the country as it’s durable and cost-efficient. But, there aren’t many quality wine packaging box suppliers who can design boxes according to the vendors’ needs. The Legacy Printing, however, is one of the few custom packaging companies that is consistently meeting the packaging requirements of wine suppliers in the US. As a result, the company has won a major share of work in the region.

Why You Need Our Custom Printed Wine Boxes?

Apart from manufacturing high-quality retail/wholesale packaging boxes, The Legacy Printing has made a mark for itself in producing durable and beautifully designed custom wine boxes. The firm offers safe and modern packaging solutions as it deals in a variety of packaging materials. You can even order wine gift packs in various colors and sizes from the company. Of course, there is no shortage of packaging companies, but what gives us an edge over others is our personalized customer service and transparent pricing model. We offer FREE shipping service and do not charge our customers for handling shipments. While our customer support staff ensures they’ll go above and beyond customers’ expectations, the unlimited design revision option sways customers to return to us with more orders. Most importantly, we have all the answers to your wine box printing nightmares.