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Quality is Central to Building a Successful Modern Business

The ultimate goal for any business is to make a profit. If you have a product that sells, then you have got a successful business. However, companies that are making a fortune don’t just focus on the proceeds alone. They also factor in the quality of the products and packaging they offer because they realize how important it is for their customers.

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    After a few years working with another company we decided to switch to The Legacy Printing, results, best decision ever. Jason was very responsive, excellent customer service, quality 100%, all pros. Best decision ever Thank you Jason

    Mariele Bode

    5 star service from the friendly and responsive communication to accommodating our needs, to the final product which came out beautifully and so professional. Thank you Jason for all your help and excellent service! We really appreciate it.

    Eureka Health

    The custom printed corrugated boxes turned out great. Not to mention, Brian was highly instrumental throughout the process. Their staff is thoroughly trained and they know their job. My vote is for the legacy printing!

    Joshua Jordan
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do You Make a Rigid Box?

    A rigid box is made with the help of a machine, hand, or a mix of both, depending on the manufacturer.  

    To make the packaging, measure the product you want to place inside the rigid boxes to chart out its inside dimensions—length (L), width (W), and height (H). If you want a snug fit, add 4mm to the length and width. To determine the proportions of custom rigid boxes, use these formulas:

    Base board length = 2 x H + L
    Base board width = 2 x H + W
    Lid board length = 2 x H + L + 8
    Lid board width = 2 x H + W + 8

    Use these dimensions to cut the board for lid and base. Then, fold the sides up 90 degrees so the corners can be joined together with the masking tape or glue. Now, wrap the paper around the sides with a thin layer of glue and make it appealing by adding decorations such as glitter, ribbons, or more.

    What Does Rigid Box Mean?

    A rigid box refers to all those activities related to the art of designing, producing, and evaluating containers for product protection, storage, distribution, sale, and use. Typically, custom rigid box packaging is four times thicker than a standard folding carton and isn’t printed on directly. Instead, they are being wrapped with a paper of your choice that can be as luxurious or plain as you desire.

    Rigid box packaging is also referred to as gift boxes, setup boxes, and premium packaging. 

    What are Rigid Boxes Used for?

    Brands and retailers widely use rigid boxes to store, protect, distribute, display and sell products. In fact, the visual appeal and structural integrity of stock rigid boxes make them an ideal solution to store or carry everyday things from one place to another on a daily basis. 

    Can Rigid Boxes Be Recycled?

    Yes, rigid boxes made from grey board can be recycled. They are crafted from renewable material that is sustainably sourced and produced. This makes rigid boxes excellent for repurposing. So, whether the rigid box packaging boasts an over-the-top or minimalist design, buyers can save and repurpose it for different uses in their offices and homes.

    What Is Rigid Boxes Packaging?

    Rigid boxes packaging is a common type of packing that is often used to encase luxury products. Larger than folding cartons, custom rigid box packaging is carved out of a thick 36 to 120 pt board that is overlaid with a printed paper wrap. Unlike folding cartons that are shipped flat and require assembly before enclosing the product, rigid boxes wholesale packaging usually remains erect. As a result, it has a lower assembly cost.

    What Are the Different Types of Packaging?

    There are nine different types of packaging that you can use to enhance your product and customer experience.

    1. Rigid Book Box
    2. Corrugated Boxes
    3. Plastic Boxes
    4. Chipboard Packaging
    5. Paperboard Packaging
    6. Foiled Sealed Bags
    7. Poly Bags
    8. Cotton Bags
    9. Jute Bags 
    What is a Rigid Box?

    A rigid box is a sturdy grey board packaging solution overlaid with printed and embellished fabric, paper, or leather wraps. A rigid box company is usually hired to develop these boxes that not only offer excellent protection against external forces but also enhance the perceived value and luxury of the product.

    What is the Best Material for Your Rigid Box Packaging?

    Chipboard or greyboard is perhaps the best material to build rigid box packaging. This board usually comes in a grey base or kraft color since it is made of recycled fibers. That said, you can find them in other base colors too. Each greyboard is individually glued to each other and then wrapped with a plain, printed, or textured paper, fabric, or leather to create rigid boxes wholesale supply.   

    How Do I Check the Materials of Rigid Boxes If They’re Real?

    There are a couple of ways to test if the materials of your rigid boxes are real or not. For instance:

    1. Bursting Strength Test: It will test your custom rigid boxes USA strength against pressure to determine the exact weight each box can carry or roughly handle.
    2. Edge Crush Test: With cross-direction crushing of a board, you can check if the material quality, pallet shipping endurance, and stacking strength meet the expectations.
    3. Paper Grammage & Thickness: Used to check the areal density and thickness to ensure box quality and rigidity.
    4. Puncture Resistance: Check resistance against sharp and solid objects to make sure your setup boxes’ material has the vigor and strength for transportation.    
    What are Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes?

    Rigid boxes wholesale supply is a durable, attractive, and flexible packaging solution that can be customized to your liking. That’s why custom rigid boxes USA are frequently used to encase high-end or luxury products and are often referred to as set-up boxes or luxury rigid boxes.

    What are Rigid Packaging Materials?

    A luxury rigid box manufacturer uses a variety of solid paperboards to produce rigid packaging boxes. These boards normally come in Kraft or grey base color that is partially made out of recycled fibers. But it’s not unusual to have these rigid book box boards in white and other base colors.

    What is Rigid and Flexible Packaging?

    The rigid packaging spectrum consists of cardboard, plastic boxes, glass containers, or tin cans. In contrast, flexible packaging points towards pouches or lightweight bags sealed using heat or pressure. But paperboard or cardboard-based packages are usually the first preference of a luxury rigid box manufacturer when vendors are looking to charge a high price for their products.

    What is Rigid Bulk Packaging?

    Rigid bulk packaging is defined as a locomotive packaging solution of high strength that is primarily used to transport perishable or sensitive goods. Due to its high strength and efficient load handling, rigid bulk boxes are frequently used to preserve and protect the goods. That’s why The Legacy Printing, an Anaheim-based rigid box company, chiefly uses raw materials of heavy strength when carving these boxes.

    What’s the Difference Between Rigid and Flexible Packaging?

    Luxury rigid box packaging is made from durable and thicker materials. In contrast, flexible packaging is generally made from film, plastic, foil, or paper, making it less sturdy and lightweight than rigid boxes wholesale supply.

    Where to Buy Custom Rigid Boxes?

    If you are in the United States, The Legacy Printing should be your go-to company for buying custom box rigid supplies. You can reach us via a toll-free number (800 719 2780), live chat, or by submitting your order request through the website using our online form. Don’t forget to mention the box type, i.e., rigid drawer boxes.

    Why Use Custom Rigid Boxes?

    One of the key reasons to opt for rigid drawer boxes is their sturdy and durable nature that keeps the contents safe at all times during transportation. This means it can efficiently withstand external pressure and mishandling. It makes custom printed rigid boxes an ideal solution to cut your returns and damages costs.

    Where Can You Design Your Own Rigid Boxes?

    You can use a free template or engage a freelance designer to design your own bespoke rigid boxes. If not, enter this query ‘rigid box manufacturers near me’ in the search engine to come across full-service packaging companies like The Legacy Printing that provide free design support to their clients.

    Why should We Use Custom Rigid Boxes for Our Royal Products?

    Rigid packaging is also called custom gift boxes since they are wrapped in decorative paper, leather, velvet, or specialty clothing. It makes custom rigid box packaging the most feasible solution to encase your royal products. They allow them to stand out in the retail environment, which helps engage prospects and improve sales drastically. Remember, your rigid boxes manufacturer can help you choose the best wrapping for your rigid containers if you are in a state of uncertainty.

    How Can Rigid Packaging Help to Get More Sales?

    Custom rigid boxes USA that boasts eye-catching colors, unique shape, or unusual typography ensures your target customers notice your product among a sea of items on display. Bear in mind, customers’ attention span has shrunk significantly to 8.25 seconds, and an attention-grabbing foldable rigid box is perhaps the best way to influence purchase decisions.

    Are Rigid Boxes Harmful to the Environment?

    A foldable rigid box made out of recyclable materials does not harm the environment. Instead, bulk rigid set up boxes help the company reduce their packaging waste and subsequently carbon footprint.

    Which Packaging Boxes are Good: Rigid Boxes or Kraft Boxes?

    Both are good in their own way. However, it essentially depends on the type of goods you want to place and ship in these boxes. For example, Kraft boxes won’t be ideal if you intend to ship fragile products because delicate items need more protection, and a rigid magnetic box is perfect for this purpose.

    Custom Rigid Box packaging

    Rigid boxes can be manufactured in various sizes, styles and shapes. These boxes are commendable for their appeal and durability; hence retailers use them for packaging diverse range of products.

    Be it an electronics product, a gadget, a cosmetic item or a delicate piece of jewelry, these boxes can be designed and finished according to your specific requirements.

    Since, rigid boxes are available in numerous styles; you can pick the one that compliments your product and brand it with your logo and tagline. Another advantage of using these boxes is that they are high quality, if you are a retailer looking for a packaging box that enhances the shelf life of your merchandise, getting rigid boxes wholesale is a likable option. However, designing and manufacturing striking rigid boxes require professional expertise.

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    Partial Cover Rigid Boxes
    Rigid Boxes With Hinged Lids packaging

    Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes Wholesale

    The Legacy Printing is a renowned printing and packaging services providing company that leads the way when it comes to rigid boxes suppliers. It has been catering to the needs of huge number of satisfied clients for quite a long time now.

    The reasons we have managed to retain our clients include our dedication to deliver cutting edge printing and packaging solutions, affordable price range and stellar customer service.

    For us, addressing our client needs is the top priority, we pay attention to detail while processing and printing every single order, ensuring that the final product is according to the expectations of our customers, be it luxury rigid packaging box or any other type of packaging.

    We believe in integrity, we never lie to our clients and we do not make exaggerated claims or promises just to sell ourselves.

    Stock Rigid Boxes

    Whether you are looking for custom printed rigid box packaging or want unique rigid box packaging, we have a number of stock and finishing options available.

    Have your boxes manufactured with cardstock, Kraft, corrugated or any other material of your choice with embossing, debossing or gold/silver foiling. We are one of the most trusted rigid box packaging companies and have clients worldwide.

    To address your queries and issues, we have an active customer support department. If you need order updates or need answers pertaining to a particular product, feel free to call, email or message us.

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    Partial Cover Rigid packaging

    Fastest Turnaround Time for Custom Essential Oil Boxes with Free Shipping

    No matter how urgent your need for essential oil packaging boxes is, the legacy printing always ensures on time delivery of all your personalized packaging orders. If you have an urgent retail need or a product launch coming up, you can opt for an expedited production plan and have your die cut essential oil packaging delivered right to your doorstep within seven business days. In case you do not require your order delivered urgently, you’ll still get it delivered at your doorstep within ten business days. The legacy printing provides cost-efficient custom packaging solutions to all its customers across the US. Whether you require essential oil boxes with window made out of a transparent PVC stock or you want to get your custom printed essential oil packaging done without a window, let us know and we’ll help you make the best and informed decision regarding your packaging.

    Place Your Essential Oil Packaging Box Printing Order with the Legacy Printing

    The legacy printing has a history of providing highly affordable custom essential oil box printing solutions to its customers without compromising on the quality. Whether you require your order done on the regular cover cardstock or you want it done on eco-friendly kraft cardstock, rigid cardstock or the corrugated cardstock, we specialize in doing all these orders with our in-house production units. To learn more about our state of the art production setups and how soon we can have your order delivered at your doorstep, you can get in touch with us through our live chat support, toll-free helpline or through the email.

    Custom Essential Oil Packaging Boxes with Fastest Turnaround

    If you’re looking for the fastest turnaround time in the town for your custom essential oil packaging boxes, the legacy printing is your right destination. Just place an order of custom printed essential oil boxes and have it delivered to your doorstep within twelve business days. However, if your packaging need urgent and you want a ground delivery faster than this, you may opt for our expedited production plan through which you can have your product delivered to your doorstep within seven business days.