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    After a few years working with another company we decided to switch to The Legacy Printing, results, best decision ever. Jason was very responsive, excellent customer service, quality 100%, all pros. Best decision ever Thank you Jason

    Mariele Bode

    5 star service from the friendly and responsive communication to accommodating our needs, to the final product which came out beautifully and so professional. Thank you Jason for all your help and excellent service! We really appreciate it.

    Eureka Health

    The custom printed corrugated boxes turned out great. Not to mention, Brian was highly instrumental throughout the process. Their staff is thoroughly trained and they know their job. My vote is for the legacy printing!

    Joshua Jordan
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    Cannabis Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

    Like any other type of packaging boxes, the Cannabis cosmetic packaging boxes are no different in use. It is needless to say that cosmetics are quite an important part of not only women’s lives, but these have become important for men too. When it comes to cosmetic box packaging, people naturally require a higher standard for it. However, the question is that do the cosmetics suppliers take the packaging seriously?

    The facts have shown that a few decades ago, businesses paid lesser attention to the packaging. However, in the last decade, the packaging industry had taken the spin-off 360 degrees, especially when the cosmetics industry got glamorized. Generally, cosmetics packaging provides benefits in terms of promotion, protection, and transportation. It prevents the product from going bad. The quality of such products holds the utmost importance, and these must be utilized before the expiration to avert harmful effects on the skin or hair.  Therefore, it is vitally important to keep the product safe from any sort of physical and chemical variation. The products must be appropriately packed. Good quality packaging always protects the cosmetic products from external contamination and keeps these in good condition for a more extended period.

    Cardboard Cannabis Cosmetic Boxes are Best for Transportation

    The Legacy Printing’s cardboard cannabis cosmetic boxes are simply the best for keeping the products safe during transportation. The packaging of the bottles considerably mitigates the risks of products going bad.

    For example, if CBD oil is not packed correctly, it can become contaminated due to excessive heat during transportation.

    Therefore, cardboard cannabis cosmetic boxes significantly ease the transportation and prevent the products ‘covers and bottles from breaking. You can get The Legacy Printing CBD boxes customized in accordance with your desire and requirements.

    Custom Cannabis Cosmetic Boxes- A Promotional Tool

    Custom cannabis cosmetic boxes are one of the most frequently used ways of marketing. Appealing packages not only promote the product but also result in a significant increase in sales. Design, colors, patterns, symbols, writing font, shape, size, styles, and content are the main elements of packaging.

    The Legacy Printing successfully designs the custom cannabis cosmetic boxes while considering all of these elements. Before coming up with a design, ensure that the design, color, and shape of the boxes are in line with your product. For example, it will be odd to pack a yellow oil bottle in a pink box, especially when it is also not in line with your brand. Therefore, the selected colors must go with the product, brand, and people's conventional thinking towards colors and patterns.

    As far as the product’s description or tagline is concerned, these have a critical influence on the packaging. Printing distinctive words like “15 ml more in the same price” will gain people's psychological reaction and will lead to instant sales. The Legacy Printing always considers the aforementioned factors while designing and printing boxes. We also want our clients to ripe the benefits fully through our devotedly designed cannabis cosmetic boxes wholesale.

    Custom Hemp Packaging to Maximize your Organic Item Sales

    A new generation of growers is taking over their forefathers’ farms, hoping to take advantage of broader public acceptance and rapid growth of hemp use. But both the new crowd and many veterans have a hard time learning about the significance of packaging and branding. Most of all, they get to learn how packaging choices and quantities ordered play a vital role in determining the total cost of goods irrespective of the product encased in them.

    What makes a great hemp packaging? Here’s how we at The Legacy Printing defines packaging for agriculture hemp:

    • It should keep the product safe and compliant with the regulations.
    • Use full space to communicate all the information regarding the product.
    • Lures potential customers with a solid brand message.
    • Fits into the financial model of the company whether it is operating in one state, country or countries.

    To meet these criteria, growers are often challenged by the cost of custom packaging solutions. The Legacy Printing can help you overcome this problem with its high-quality and cost-effective custom hemp packaging solutions. We have been serving a vast clientele in the US by offering eye-catching designs of custom hemp packaging boxes. These packaging solutions not only maximizes your sales but also keep your organic product safe from various hazards.

    We specialize in printing and manufacturing personalized packaging and proffer diverse options in colors and materials that help young growers enhance the reach of their medicated item. Our innovative packaging designs will make your product visible to both home and commercial consumers and sales. It will help you grow your hemp business.

    Choose Cost-Effective Hemp Packaging Solution

    We work strive hard to turn your vision into reality by offering best in class custom hemp packaging boxes at the lowest prices. So you can get the desired packing for your item within your means. Our additional services such as Free shipping, free unlimited design revision options, prompt customer support and more allow you to further reduce your cost. This doesn’t mean at all we will compromise on the quality or durability of the hemp biodegradable packaging.

    We Deliver on our Promises so You can Deliver on Yours

    We keep our word and deliver on our promises, so you can stay profitable. Our customer support team and live sales agents will go the extra mile to facilitate you. In fact, we have introduced the facility to ‘Schedule a Callback’, so you can share your requirements and receive a price quote in quick time. You can also talk to our sales representative over live chat and create a chic, safe and sustainable packing for your medicated item.

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