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    After a few years working with another company we decided to switch to The Legacy Printing, results, best decision ever. Jason was very responsive, excellent customer service, quality 100%, all pros. Best decision ever Thank you Jason

    Mariele Bode

    5 star service from the friendly and responsive communication to accommodating our needs, to the final product which came out beautifully and so professional. Thank you Jason for all your help and excellent service! We really appreciate it.

    Eureka Health

    The custom printed corrugated boxes turned out great. Not to mention, Brian was highly instrumental throughout the process. Their staff is thoroughly trained and they know their job. My vote is for the legacy printing!

    Joshua Jordan
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    Importance of Custom Packaging Boxes

    Custom packaging boxes are undoubtedly in the manufacturing industry essential. Whether you manufacture cosmetics, electronics, medicine or any other commodity, custom printed boxes of premium quality finish are something you cannot ignore. But, according to the marketing experts, it is essential to buy product packaging that is artfully designed following your product and target market if you want to ensure big sales.

    Where to Buy Packaging Boxes?

    The offline and online packaging industry is full of unprofessional people, so finding a reliable custom packaging company is a common issue faced by manufacturers across the globe. The Legacy Printing offers 100% reliable and premium quality custom packaging solutions to its customers across the United States with free design support, free shipping and no die charges. Whether you require glossy or matte lamination, want a spot UV done or are looking for embossed packaging, we have them all covered.

    You’re looking for a distinctive Product Box that meets your company’s requirements. You can select from many tempting possibilities on The Legacy Printing. You are welcome to use our Free Designing Services to have a variety of design options for your product boxes. Provide our graphics team with your specifications, and they will produce beautiful artwork options for you completely free of charge, including die and setup costs. When it comes to the printing of custom packaging boxes with logos, the necessity of utilising robust materials and the best inks cannot be overstated; as a result, we make use of premium stocks and inks.


    Eco-friendly Printing: The Legacy Printing does its part to preserve the natural world by only using entirely biodegradable materials in its printing process. It is common knowledge that the current status of our planet is one of the worst that it has ever been in high-end packaging boxes. Hazardous health problems have been forced on humans due to toxic land waste, and the pollution that has been bred as a result of the wear and tear of the wasted materials has torn the ozone layer to pieces, bringing it to its most pitiful state. The Legacy Printing thinks that all efforts that can be made should be directed toward preserving land wastes and that even the most minor initiatives should be performed with great determination to stop the existing situation from deteriorating even more. Because of this, we provide “environmentally friendly” packaging as a solid recommendation to our customers and actively promote its use. Our eco-friendly packaging products establish and strengthen the fact that quality and finesse in packaging “can” be achieved without necessarily utilizing hazardous materials in your packaging production boxes with lids. This is a fact established and strengthened by the fact that our products are environmentally friendly.

    We feel that providing our customers with as many options and conveniences as possible should be a top priority. Our online chat option is available around the clock, and we have trained professionals available to answer any questions you may have about the cheap packaging of product boxes. Printing with The Legacy Printing will provide you with an enjoyable experience.

    Product boxes are used for packaging an item, but they also help consumers recognize a brand. They are bespoke boxes used for practically every product we come across, including cosmetics, electronics, software, and eatables. Custom made packaging boxes are used for anything from cosmetics to electronics to software to eatables. In addition to offering insightful information about a product, these boxes contribute to the uniqueness of a commodity. For example, to protect the contents of the boxes from wear and tear and the effects of the surrounding environment, high-quality materials are employed in their construction. Each company has a one-of-a-kind approach to designing its product packaging that sets them apart from its competitors. It is commendable that product boxes have an inventive appeal; these custom packaging for small businesses are the signature boxes of various merchants. They do an excellent job of representing the things those stores sell. For example, enticing product boxes that include windows increase the likelihood that spectators will make a purchase. Custom printed packaging boxes of beauty products, including makeup and perfume, often bear the company’s imprint that manufactured them. These are glitzy boxes that hold the name of the brand and the characteristics of the product. Printed packaging boxes can also be utilized when launching new products or presenting new products to the market. Putting some creative effort into the packaging of a product is guaranteed to pay off because consumers are more likely to want to purchase something that is wonderfully presented. Finally, an exciting Product Box should be individualized based on the product packaged in small business packaging. Whether it be coffee or chocolate, a package with appetising artwork would generate excitement among consumers.



    The Legacy Printing is among the most prominent and well-respected names in the printing and wholesale boxes industry. It is one of the many businesses that fall under these categories. It gives you access to a vast selection of custom printed product boxes and sells them to you at wholesale costs. The items’ specifications inform the packaging’s design, which can be found in a wide variety of configurations across dimensions and aesthetics. We can accommodate your request by providing a mixture of personalization choices and advanced printed boxes. You only need to explain to our packaging designers what you want, and they will come up with a solution that is completely tailored to meet your requirements. We offer a wide variety of designs for you to choose from, whether you require custom product boxes for packaging, subscription, or custom shipping boxes to meet your needs. The delivery will be risk-free thanks to the packing made from long-lasting material. Personalized packaging boxes of processed milk and juice can be fashioned into one-of-a-kind patterns to attract the audience’s attention. The shoppers are warm and fuzzy when they see grocery items presented in uncomplicated yet hip product cartons. By printing relevant information outside your electrical promotional boxes, you may give them a more professional appearance. The packaging for gadgets shouldn’t be boring; instead, make them appealing by using vivid colour schemes and graphics. Custom printed boxes are your most superb option if you’re searching for a marketing item that’s both cost-effective and likely to be successful. Exhibit your wares in product boxes that draw attention to themselves!

    Where Can I Find Packaging Companies Near Me?

    Whether you require big or small packaging boxes anywhere across the United States, you can get them designed and ordered online from The Legacy Printing. We offer all types of custom packaging supplies at highly efficient pricing.

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