What Is Hexagon Packaging – Important Tips And Uses


Brands strive to achieve uniqueness in product display because it helps their products stand apart from others. There are many ways of making the commodity distinctive, and packaging is one. It’s undoubtedly an essential aspect of any retail business because it allows the companies to leave their mark and, at the same time, forge a closely-knit relationship with the end-users.

Every company attempts to compete with others through packaging in this highly competitive market. But it appears to be impossible with ordinary packaging boxes. Elegantly designed boxes can assist you in establishing new product display trends.

What are Hexagon Boxes

The hexagon packaging is trendy because of its spectacular shape and design. This box has six equal-sized sides, a top lid and a lower base. These boxes look elegant and add a touch of grace and luxury to the product.

There is no fixed dimension for hexagon shapes; they may be tiny, large, or medium-sized, and they can also have a length, breadth, depth, and inch based on personal desire. In addition, hexagon boxes assure your company of all your goods while you exhibit or market them to the buyers and influence their purchase intent.

The most appealing packaging entices customers to buy a necessary product without considering alternative possibilities. Having a bespoke hexagon box with attractive colors and personalized branding allows your company to get the attention of potential shoppers.

Uses of Hexagon Boxes

The scope and usage of hexagon packaging are broad, and businesses dealing with cosmetics, retail items, and garments can easily pack them. Due to the box’s hexagonal shape, we can pack the garments by making them flat-shaped. After opening the boxes, we can linearly place them inside.

The same goes for cosmetics, as they can also be placed inside the hexagon boxes, adding a more graceful touch to the beauty products. The cosmetic items look luxurious and elegant when packed inside the six-sided hexagon box.

Another important use of these boxes is the packing of gifts. People exchange worthy items with their loved ones and friends on special occasions. Therefore, giving them a scintillating look and creating a pleasing experience for the recipients is essential. The hexagon boxes also enclose bakery items like cupcakes and chocolates, and this packaging gives a flashier look.

Every manufacturer desires such packaging, which offers its products an enticing and one-of-a-kind appearance. Businesses personalize hexagon packaging, and now its popularity is growing daily.

These boxes feature excellent storage and a beautiful appearance. Unlike rectangular or ordinary square boxes, custom hexagon boxes have a lot of room and are unique in size. They receive their distinct attribute from their six-sided design instead of four sides.

Selection of Cardstock

It is essential to use suitable cardstock to safeguard the goods. The material’s nature influences product selection. The more delicate the product, the thicker the layers of material needed to keep it in its original form. Similar to other packaging boxes, there’s a variety of cardstocks that we can utilize to make the hexagon box more durable.

Hexagon Packaging is available in high-quality cardboard and kraft materials. Cardboard is a sturdy material suitable for printing. However, for all retail manufacturers, it’s a popular option. In terms of kraft, it is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Brands that utilize kraft paper for hexagon boxes make a solid first impression on potential clients. We can reuse these boxes without harming the environment. The recyclability of kraft paper makes it a desirable material.

The corrugated cardstock is best for shipping and transportation purposes. During the transit phase, the goods are always at risk of damage. Products come into contact with the outer packaging box surface, and the friction affects their usability. Therefore, companies prefer corrugated material because it offers their product more value and significantly reduces damage effects.

Ensures Product Safety

If you place these boxes in a hexagon box, these boxes will protect your merchandise. It also has the edge over others because we can stack it easily. When we pile the boxes on top of one another, they share a particular characteristic.

They function as a single entity due to the hexagon’s form. When piled, the shape prevents them from dropping or deforming. It protects the contents of the boxes and makes them very simple to handle. Biodegradable hexagon encasing is also available, protecting your items from all contaminants.

Getting Custom Hexagon Boxes

Brands increasingly realize that the 6 sided hexagon boxes can help them create a tailored customer experience.

This packaging may assist a company in attracting customers’ attention and meeting their demands. If you’ve just launched a product, you can borrow ideas from your rivals and redesign the hexagon to fit their needs.

Size and Colors

Custom hexagon packaging comes in a variety of sizes and colors. For example, we can pack Children’s products in hexagon boxes that are brightly colored. On the other hand, this packaging is also for enclosing luxury commodities. Therefore, applying sober colors on the packaging gives a professional feel to the item.

The same goes for the box size. You can get these packaging boxes in any size you want. It all depends on your product’s size. Matching box dimensions with those of the product result in more accuracy and create an incredible user experience.

Logo Printing

Some firms want a more oversized logo and more prominent visuals on their packaging. Others prefer a smaller logo or labeling on the boxes. Using branding features on the encasing can help your business stand out and increase its visibility.

The needs of your company determine the design of a hexagon box. You can acquire the services of packaging professionals to emboss the logo and take advantage of the raised ink printing look.

One excellent advantage hexagon boxes have over standard packaging boxes is their unique shape.

Businesses can also print different visualizations on their surface to create an exquisite feel. The design also spreads out on the six sides of the hexagon packaging. For further design enhancement, you can get the boxes laminated.

Ultimate Finishing Options

The lamination offers an additional layer that secures the packaging from external factors and embellishes the look. The available finishing options are Spot UV, Glossy, and Matte. You can ask the experts to apply them to the complete box or particular spots.

Variety of Printing Techniques

The sort of printing you choose for your hexagon box directly impacts the final appearance of your goods. You can choose offset printing, which involves using metal plates to apply the picture to a blanket, which is then rolled onto the object’s surface. Digital printing is also a viable option for experts using laser printers with liquid ink.

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