The Legacy Printing is one of the prestigious printing companies preferred by leading brands due to its innovative printing and packaging solutions. The vision behind our company was to set a benchmark of excellence in delivering quality and customer service.

Years of experience, professional expertise and the willingness to push the boundaries to achieve the best has earned us trust and commendation of huge number of customers and we look forward to add to that number.

Strategically Positioned Near You

Headquartered in Anaheim, California, The Legacy Printing has grown from just three employees to over 40 since it was founded. While our state-of-the-art printing and manufacturing facility in the US has more than quadrupled in size. Through combined efforts, we produce highly customized printing and packaging solutions to meet varying business needs. Thanks to our technologically advanced offset and digital presses.

This means when you join forces with us, our entire team works to support your success. Our execution and expertise deliver immaculate custom packaging solutions irrespective of where you go to market. Since our headquarter is strategically positioned near you, it allows us to collaborate better and reduce delivery time.

No matter wherever you are in the US, you can get in touch with our dedicated team of designers, packaging experts, and engineers who are obsessed with solving your biggest packaging challenges.

Real Value Comes from a Partner and not from a Supplier

We do not think of ourselves as a supplier. We consider ourselves your packaging partner that helps you build your competitive edge by consistently delivering quality and superior customer service that fuels innovation to foster real growth. That’s because we are enthusiastic about your success.

We have a long-standing history of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship. It includes groundbreaking developments in custom packaging, design, and retail solutions and strategically building and strengthening the company’s capabilities over time.

With operations in the US and expertise in a variety of shopping categories, we at The Legacy Printing strive to help brands win across the board by delivering an unbeatable portfolio of sustainable and affordable bespoke packaging products. Together we work to create unrivaled packaging solutions.

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation is the mainstay of our business. Creativity is the cornerstone of our success. People are our fundamental asset and we empower them to succeed personally and professionally.

Custom Packaging Boxes can help with speed to market to increase your profitability on new products and outstanding packaging.


Be honest and ethical in our business practices.We do what we say! Keep our promises and learn from our mistakes.


Cooperate and communicate freely across our organization. Work as one team and to fulfill our mission fast and successfully.