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5 Useful Tips On Planning Your New Product Launch


While you are all set to launch your new product, several factors must be considered to make it successful. From planning the pre-launch activities to creating a checklist for launch day and strategizing post-launch plan, you need to ensure that everything is well thought out. You must align your sales objectives and marketing strategy to pitch your product successfully to your potential clients. Involve all your teams during the planning process so that you get creative ideas from all the departments, get the maximum output, and implement the most effective ideas. Here are a few useful tips on planning your new product launch!

Do your Market Research

The first and foremost step towards planning your new product launch is conducting market research. You need to do a detailed analysis of the competitor products, how your target audience would respond to your new product, and what should be your pricing and sales strategy. So start with studying your market, target audience’s behavior, and define your unique selling points for your branding and marketing strategy.

Do Product Testing

Before launching your product and making it available to the customers, you need to test it to gauge its flaws or loopholes. You can engage a focus group to test your product. Early adopters can also be involved in the testing process, this group of customers loves buying and checking out new products, so you will likely get honest feedback. You can improve your product before it reaches a wider market.

Choosing the Right Marketing Media

Select the right channel combination while devising your marketing strategy for your new product. Research what channels your target audience prefers, and then spend your resources, time, and effort on making your campaign successful on these channels. Design your promotional literature according to your chosen channels; your message should sync with your medium.

Designing the Product Packaging

Product packaging is one of the first impressions your target audience will likely have about your product. So you need a product packaging design that stands out, speaks about your brand, and explains your product explicitly.

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Bring your Product into the Limelight

If you want your product launch to be the talk of the town, highlight it through various channels. You can use press releases to inform people and industry specialists that your new product is coming soon. Send free samples to bloggers and industry influencers so that they blog and write about your upcoming product. Create videos and other informational literature about your product that you can share and distribute to grab attention.

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