Cardboard is the Ideal Stock for Custom Lotion Boxes

lotion boxes printing

Lotion boxes is a very delicate cosmetic product which needs to be protected from the scorching heats of the summers. Being the semi-liquid product, with a relatively heavier weight, lotions need to be packed and sold in such boxes which are prone to the shock proof. As cardboard has both these characteristics, that is, a good absorbent &the protector from heat and a good shock proofing ability, the cardboard is frequently used to make boxes for the lotions.

Commonly, the lotion boxes are made with double layer. The outer layer is made with the soft, light weight and thin cardboard while to make the internal layer, the thick, soft, grooved or ribbed cardboard is applied which not only protects the glass made lotion bottles from the shock of fall but also protects them the heat which may change its chemical and physical composition, altogether. Traditionally, Kraft paper cardboard, made with the recycled material, is considered the best to make the internal layers of the packaging boxes. So, like large range of the cosmetics and other chemical products, the recycled cardboard is treated as the best one to make the internal layers of lotion boxes.

In some instances, the lotion boxes are sold without the boxes as these are supplied by the whole seller in the boxes which are made with ribbed and grooved cardboard in which the glass made lotion boxes are separated with the ribbed cardboard separators.

Being the prime cosmetic item, the retail lotion boxes are printed, artistically, with the images of the beautiful women, beauty queens, the models or the movie / TV artists to give the impression that all these women also use this lotion to enhance their beauty. For the purpose, the images are printed with the real life colors while for the text, the bright and hot colors are applied. Most of the lotion boxes are embossed or are printed with the raised ink to increase the touch of hand effect.

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